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05 August 2014

17:55 MAUS Bug #1477: Track Point and Energy Depositions
Spoke with Chris. From the track fit point of view, the trackers are treated symmetrically. Chris, on the other hand,... Santos, Edward
15:43 MAUS Bug #1438: Tracker TrackPoints need z
_z values are in place, not sure if it was me or Adam who added them. Santos, Edward
15:42 MAUS Feature #1421: Remove MC data from Recontruction side of data structure
They have been removed by someone else (Adam?). Issue can be closed. Santos, Edward
15:41 MAUS Feature #1419: SciFiTrack links to lower level objects
This has been implemented by someone else (Taylor?). The _channel_id of each hit encodes the information necessary to... Santos, Edward
15:37 MAUS Bug #1394: SciFi track points with tracker=0 and station=0 showing up in simulation data
This has been solved in some revision prior to 1128 of tracker_devel. Santos, Edward
15:35 MAUS Bug #1323: Add charge identification to SciFi Pattern Recognition
Solved by revision 1128 of tracker_devel. Santos, Edward

05 December 2013

16:43 MAUS Bug #1386: SciFi Cluster Reconstruction showing anomalous results
That cluster is likely to have been produced by muon and electron hits in the fibre. It just happened that an electro... Santos, Edward
15:53 MAUS Bug #1386: SciFi Cluster Reconstruction showing anomalous results
Is production of secondaries on? That's what it looks like. Santos, Edward

24 September 2013

13:19 MAUS Bug #1346 (Open): InputCppDAQOfflineData and Number_of_DAQ_Events flag
Issue in InputCppDAQOfflineData when Number_of_DAQ_Events is different from -1.
In few words: the member variable ...
Santos, Edward

18 July 2013

17:50 MAUS Support #1311: Matrix in data structure
Yes, you can close it.
My matrices are of the type TMatrixD, so I used GetMatrixArray() like Ian suggested. I then...
Santos, Edward

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