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17 February 2020

10:14 MAUS Bug #1989 (Closed): TOF SP
Nugent, John

14 January 2020

15:55 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
Hi Chris,
Paolo sent me a test case yesterday which I ran the analysis over successfully. This was the reconstruct...
Nugent, John

13 January 2020

13:28 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
OK so I can't run any jobs just now due some technical trouble on the Glasgow linux cluster at the moment which has ... Nugent, John
11:35 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
I am also reviewing the MC that I have for this analysis. If I remember correctly the MC productions 203-208 were don... Nugent, John
11:27 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
Great thanks I have attached the Note you can find the complete list of runs used in the analysis in table 2A.
Nugent, John
11:13 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
That works! Thanks for doing that Paolo.
I have had a scan through the plots obviously the statistics are limited...
Nugent, John

10 January 2020

21:45 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
Franchini, Paolo wrote:
> Ok, so we agree that there are _less_ reconstructed trackpoints and those you are interest...
Nugent, John
16:59 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
Hi Paolo,
to get the co-ordinate I use
Nugent, John
15:41 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
so I have had some time over the last few days to do a bit more digging. I believe I have at least made some p...
Nugent, John

15 October 2019

18:24 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
It counts the number of track points and discards tracks with less than a certain number. Nugent, John

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