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A multiparticle tracking postprocessor library for accelerator physicsists. You've got GPT running, or your favourite tracking code, what now? This package is a post-processor for taking beam data to calculate beam emittance, Twiss functions, etc. Also includes bindings to plotting packages ROOT and matplotlib, and a whole lot more!

Download and Installation

You can download the latest version from the code repository hosted on sourceforge.

Installation instructions are in the README file, but you probably have to do something like:

tar -xzf xboa-<version>.tar.gz
cd xboa-<version>
python build
sudo python install


There are several example scripts in the directory xboa-<version>/xboa/examples that are good to start with. They take you through the steps required to load particle tracking data, access it, make plots and manipulate it in various ways. Reference documentation is in the directory xboa-<version>/doc. Browse the example script code at:

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4

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