Release Procedure

  1. Update version number in following places:
    • xboa/
  2. Update release notes
  3. Run the tests python install; python test/
  4. Build the documentation doxygen doc/Doxyfile
    • fix any errors or warnings
  5. Run pylint and wince
  6. Run MAUS_xboa_rogers test; check that the xboa tests pass at least
  7. python sdist
  8. Move everything to
    • cd dist; md5sum xboa-<ver>.tar.gz xboa-<ver>.tar.gz
    • cp -r ../doc/html ./doc/
    • tar -czf doc.tar.gz doc
    • scp xboa-<ver>.tar.gz xboa-<ver>.tar.gz doc.tar.gz>ver>
    • Edit /www/analysis/xboa/index.html
  9. Move tarball to sourceforge

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