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h1. Tracker Wiki  



 h2. Meetings 

 * [[TrackerMeetings|Meetings]] - The tracker group holds regular phones meetings every other Wednesday at 15:00 RAL time.  

 h2. Software 

 * [[SoftwareHints|Software Hints]] - Various _hints and tips_ relating to using and developing the tracker software - _start here!_ 

 * [[SoftwareSchedule| Software Schedule]] - The tracker software schedule, include dates and person's responsible. 

 * [[SoftwareTests|Software Tests]] - Show the current software unit test line coverage 

 * [[maus:|MAUS]] - The tracker reconstruction and analysis software is part of the general MICE software framework, MAUS. 

 * "Launchpad": - The tracker software development branch of MAUS is stored as a project on the Launchpad website. 

 * [[maus:Install|MAUS wiki]] contains a guide to obtaining MAUS from Launchpad and installing it. 

 * "Bazaar": - For developers, MAUS is distributed and version controlled using Bazaar. A guide to using Bazaar with MAUS can found [[maus:Bzr_usage|here]]. 

 * "Test server": - The stability of the tracker branch in launchpad is checked using an automated test server. 

 * "Documentation": - The tracker software documentation 

 * "Issue Tracker": - All tracker software related issues are held in the MAUS "issue tracker" of MICE mine.  

 h2. Analysis Code Repository 

 This is the repository where all analysis code is kept and shared.    Many areas of analysis are such as spacepoint doublets and triplets are used multiple times for multiple analyses therefore, to save time with several people writing the same code it should be stored here.    Eventually this will form the basis for the "Data Validation", "Python Script of Reconstruction Plots" and the Analysis Framework.    If you need to make a plot check if it has already been made here first if so copy the code, if not add the code. 

 * [[Analysis Code|Analysis Code]] - a repository of analysis code including reconstruction and plot building tools. 
 * [[Analysis Plots|Analysis Plots]] - Final plots, organised into categories, where one can assess the status and history of an area of analysis. 

 h2. Tracker Specific Publications 

 * M. Ellis _et al_, "The design, construction and performance of the MICE scintillating fibre trackers," 2011, Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A (*659*) 136-153 "Science Direct": 

 * A. Dobbs _et al_, "The Reconstruction Software for the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment Trackers," 2014, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. (*513*) 022008 "IOP": 

 h2. eLog 

 * "eLog": - An eLog of the tracker refurbishment, installation and testing work 

 h2. Data 

 * Data Run Spreadsheet with lists of usable data runs and the validity of Tracker reconstruction for them as and when it is tested.    Sheet one is for data taken before Feb 2016, sheet two data taken afterwards, (they are named accordingly). Please help to keep it updatedattachment:RunValiditySpreadsheet.ods 

 * The data for the cosmic tracker runs is available on the grid at the following LFC location: 


 * The data taken mapping the bores of the SS' at Wang: attachment:WangBoreMagData.tar.gz 

 * Current -"calibration":, "mapping":, and a simple "geometry": for analyzing tracker DAQ data in MAUS. [[Installing Tracker Calibration and Mappings|Instructions]] 
 Should this be removed? CDB? (EO)? 

 h2. Figures 

 * Available from the "mice iit site": 

 h2. R1 Tracker Lab 

 * [[New lab plans|New lab plans]] 

 h2. Installation schedule 

 * last updated: 

 h2. External Waveguide QA 

 * [[Labbook|Labbook]] 
 * [[Runplan|Runplan]] 

 h2. Notes and Documents 

 * [[Mock Data Challenge Plan|Mock Data Challenge Plan]] 

 * See the Documents tab above. 
 * Also, see the documents section on the "mice iit site": 

 * November Tracker Installation Documentation [[NovTrkInstall|November Tracker Installation Docs]] 

 * Tracker Install Documentation [[TrackerInstallDocs|Tracker Installation Docs]] 

 * Tracker Install Documentation [[TrackerOperationsDocs|Tracker Operations Doc]] 

 * Tracker Firmware [[TrackerFirmware|TrackerFirmware]] 

 h2. Presentations and Posters 

 * See the MICE Speakers Bureau wiki [[mice:List_of_MICE_Presentations|here]]. 

 h2.    All documents to be collated as action item from December meeting    Please add to the page below 

 * [[Documents|Documents]]