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h1. Tracker Wiki 

 h2. Meetings 

 * [[TrackerMeetings|Meetings]] - The tracker group holds regular phones meetings every Wednesday at 15:00 RAL time. !>Tracker_7_tiny.jpg! 

 h2. eLog 

 * "eLog": - An eLog of the tracker refurbishment, installation and testing work 

 h2. Software 

 * [[SoftwareSchedule| Software Schedule]] - The tracker software schedule, include dates and person's responsible. 

 * [[SoftwareTests|Software Tests]] - Show the current software unit test line coverage 

 * [[maus:|MAUS]] - The tracker reconstruction and analysis software is part of the general MICE software framework, MAUS. 

 * "Launchpad": - The tracker software development branch of MAUS is stored as a project on the Launchpad website. A guide to obtaining MAUS from Launchpad and installing it can be found on the [[maus:Install|MAUS wiki]]. 

 * "Bazaar": - For developers, MAUS is distributed and version controlled using Bazaar. A guide to using Bazaar with MAUS can found [[maus:Bzr_usage|here]]. 

 * "Test server": - The stability of the tracker branch in launchpad is checked using an automated test server. 

 * "Documentation": - The tracker software documentation 

 * "Issue Tracker": - All tracker software related issues are held in the MAUS "issue tracker" of MICE mine.  

 * [[SoftwareHints|Software Hints]] - Various _hints and tips_ relating to using and developing the tracker software. 

 h2. Data 

 * The data for the cosmic tracker runs is available on the grid at the following LFC location: 


 * The data taken mapping the bores of the SS' at Wang. 


 h2. Figures 

 * Available from the "mice iit site": 

 h2. R1 Tracker Lab 

 * [[New lab plans|New lab plans]] 

 h2. Notes and Documents 

 * See the Documents tab above. 
 * Also, see the documents section on the "mice iit site": 

 h2. Publications 

 * "The design, construction and performance of the MICE scintillating fibre trackers" "NIM": 

 h2. Presentations and Posters 

 * See the MICE Speakers Bureau wiki [[mice:List_of_MICE_Presentations|here]].