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h1. Tracker Wiki 

 h2. Meetings 

 * The tracker group holds regular phones meetings every Monday at 16:00 RAL time.  

 * A list of the meetings, together with agenda and minutes, is available [[TrackerMeetings|here]]. 

 h2. Software 

 * The tracker reconstruction and analysis software is part of the general MICE software framework, [[maus:|MAUS]]. 

 * The tracker software development branch of MAUS is stored as a project on the "Launchpad website": . A guide to obtaining MAUS from Launchpad and installing it can be found on the [[maus:Install|MAUS wiki]]. For developers, MAUS is distributed and version controlled using "Bazaar": . A guide to using the Bazaar with MAUS can found [[maus:Bzr_usage|here]]. 

 * The stability of the tracker branch in launchpad is checked using an automated test server running the Jenkins system.    The current status of the tracker branch on the test server can be found "here.":  

 * The tracker software documentation is available "here": 

 * All tracker software related issues are held in the MAUS "issue tracker": of MICE mine.  

 h2. Figures 

 * Available from the mice iit site "here.": 

 h2. Tracker MICE Notes 

 * [[MICE Notes|MICE Notes]] 

 h2. Publications 

 * "The design, construction and performance of the MICE scintillating fibre trackers" "arxiv": 

 h2. Presentations and Posters 

 * See the MICE Speakers Bureau wiki [[mice:List_of_MICE_Presentations|here]].