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Rajaram, Durga, 01 November 2017 13:38

Tracker Software Review: Meeting 8

November 1, 2017: 1400 GMT


1. Actions from previous meetings
  • PR:
    1. AD: Optimize Chi2 cut for “MINUIT” variant
    2. AD, CH: Check and implement MCS errors
    3. AD, KL: Define multi-track requirements
  • Track fit:
    1. Investigate whether field integration (e.g. using Runge Kutta) is required to compensate for magnetic field non-uniformity
    2. Make study of magnetic-field alignment with a view to establishing whether the present algorithm is sufficiently insensitive to reasonable assumptions of maximum field-misalignment
    3. Study p-value: split up contributions to p-value shape using MC and study shape in data, e.g. is there an error in the resolution per plane, handling of MCS, handing of energy loss, b field..
2. Recent issues:
  1. 50 MeV bump -- more pronounced with MINUIT?
  2. CR reports lower downstream efficiency, and fewer events in analysis when using MINUIT -- should MINUIT continue to be the default fitter in MAUS?

3. PR Report: A. Dobbs
4. Track fit Report: C. Hunt

5. Next Steps for review
6. AoB

Dial-in information

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