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Rajaram, Durga, 31 October 2017 10:29

Tracker Software Review: Meeting 8

November 1, 2017: 1400 GMT


1. Actions from previous meetings
  • PR:
    1. AD: Optimize Chi2 cut for “MINUIT” variant
    2. AD, CH: Check and implement MCS errors
    3. AD, KL: Define multi-track requirements
  • Track fit:
    1. Investigate whether field integration (e.g. using Runge Kutta) is required to compensate for magnetic field non-uniformity
    2. Make study of magnetic-field alignment with a view to establishing whether the present algorithm is sufficiently insensitive to reasonable assumptions of maximum field-misalignment
    3. Study p-value: split up contributions to p-value shape using MC and study shape in data, e.g. is there an error in the resolution per plane, handling of MCS, handing of energy loss, b field..
2. Recent issues:
  1. 50 MeV bump -- more pronounced with MINUIT?
  2. CR reports lower downstream efficiency, and fewer events in analysis when using MINUIT. Should MINUIT continue to be the default fitter in MAUS?

3. PR Report: A. Dobbs
4. Track fit Report: C. Hunt

5. Next Steps for review
6. AoB

Dial-in information

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