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h1. Tracker Software Review: Meeting 7 

 h2. September 8, 2017: 1400 BST TBD 

 h2. Agenda 

 # *Introduction* - K. Long 
 # *Actions from previous meetings* 
 * *PR*: 
 ### AD: Compare data/MC efficiencies for 8681 
 ### AD: Optimize Chi2 cut for “MINUIT” variant 
 ### AD: Show distributions with sign per station per tracker 
 ### AD: Show individual residual distributions to understand details - is the station 1 distribution a binning artifact or a constraint from the fit? 
 ### AD, CH: Check and implement MCS errors 
 ### AD: Plot chisq per dof for 'perfect' events 
 ### Define multi-track requirements 
 * *Track fit*: 
 ### Repeat study that was done to investigate whether field integration (e.g. using Runge Kutta) is required to compensate for magnetic field non-uniformity 
 ### Make study of magnetic-field alignment with a view to establishing whether the present algorithm is sufficiently insensitive to reasonable assumptions of maximum field-misalignment 
 ### Study p-value: split up contributions to p-value shape using MC and study shape in data, e.g. is there an error in the resolution per plane, handling of MCS, handing of energy loss, b field.. 
 * *Tracker, MC*: 
 ## MU/EO: Understand reasons for shape of hits-per-station histogram - low-level 
 ## PK: Check dead channel & noise handling in MC.  
 ## Tracker group: Summarize, show what has been studied so far for systematics (alignment, scattering, energy loss, field uniformity, etc). 

 # *Report on actions: Pattern recognition*: A. Dobbs 
 # *Report on actions: Track fit*: C. Hunt 
 # *Next Steps for review* 
 # *AoB* 


 h2. Dial-in information 


 h2. Attendance: KL, CR, PK, AD, CH, MU, DR 

 h2. Notes from Meeting 5: Aug 16, 2017: 

 * AD: Compare data/MC efficiencies for 8681 
 ** done. 8681, 2.8.5 MC reprocessed with 2.9.1-PatRec,Kalman    -- results consistent with 2.9.1 reco 
 ** Illustrative plots added  

 * AD: Optimize Chi2 cut for “MINUIT” variant 
 ** pushing cuts lower gives higher efficiencies, though purity may be an issue. Noted that critical parameter is efficiency 
 ** Q: how loose should the LSQ cuts be? AD points to loosest cut in table from previous meeting. 

 * AD: Show residual distributions with sign per station per tracker 
 ** sent to email list, added to meeting wiki 

 * AD: Plot chisq per dof for 'perfect’ events 
 ** stands 

 * Define multi-track requirements 
 ** stands. Need discussion and inputs on how to define  

 * Adding errors: 
 ** for circle fit: suggestion is to define a mean error and apply to every station rather than station-by-station errors. 
 ** Q: how to define mean error? based on the geometric mean of the errors? 
 ** Q: does taking the chi^2/mean_error^2 bias the pr fit? 
 ** errors on the resulting circle fit parameters will feed into the longitudinal fit 

 * Discussion about aperture cut 
 ** CR notes that aperture cut should be standardized by tracker group. AD notes that the cut in PR is loose -- 150. 
 ** PK suggests a flag to indicate if track passed or failed an aperture cut 
 ** All agree that fiducial cut should be standardized,  
 ** Q: does the current aperture cut throw out any potential tracks? If it does, cut should be loosened, but consensus seems to be that tracking should not do any "analysis-style" cuts but rather optimize track-finding.  

 * Effect of magnetic field non-uniformity, alignment on track fit -- CH had issues reading mag field map from Joe Langland's program. CH will check against comsol map for 7469.