Tracker Software Review: Meeting 4

Wednesday, July 19, 1500 BST (0900 CDT)


  1. Introduction - K. Long
  2. Actions from previous meetings
    1. AD: Compare data/MC efficiencies for 8681
    2. CR: Generate list of uncertainties and show what has been done so far (alignment, scattering, energy loss, field uniformity, etc).
    3. PK: Check dead channel & noise handling in MC.
    4. AD: pattern recognition/efficiency:
      1. Study “10%” of missing 5-point tracks; where in the p.r. does the missing point get rejected?
      2. Scan events in which 5-point tracks are rejected
      3. Remove requirement for one hit per station in data and study performance. Also, study multi-track MC
      4. Plot Chi2 distributions etc. on log scale (to emphasize tails)
      5. Optimize Chi2 cut for “MINUIT” variant
      6. Recover reasons for shape of hits-per-station histogram
      7. Investigate reason for hits recovered on track being peaked up at “zero” distance from the track in both variants of the r-phi fit. Investigate reason for double peak in MINUIT variant
      8. With KL, review s-z algorithm
    5. CH: track fit:
      1. Check Highland and Bethe against what is implemented in GEANT
      2. Study p-value: split up contributions to p-value shape using MC and study shape in data, e.g. is there an error in the resolution per plane, handling of MCS, handing of energy loss, magnetic field, …
      3. Repeat study that was done to investigate whether field integration (e.g. using Runge Kutta) is required to compensate for magnetic field non-uniformity
      4. Make study of magnetic-field alignment with a view to establishing whether the present algorithm is sufficiently insensitive to reasonable assumptions of maximum field-misalignment
  3. Report on actions: Pattern recognition: A. Dobbs
  4. Report on actions: Track fit: C. Hunt
  5. Next Steps for review
  6. AoB

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