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h1. TrackerSoftwareReview 

 h2. Background: 

 Reconstruction of tracks in the scintillating fiber trackers is the centerpiece of the MICE offline reconstruction. The software has undergone iterative improvements over time and currently reconstructs tracks with an efficiency >99% in cases where there are at least 3 spacepoints in the tracker. However, in cases where there are precisely 5 spacepoints, the efficiency for forming tracks is only ~93% (upstream), ~85% (downstream).    The track fit gives an excellent estimation of the track parameters.    However, at the few percent level, there are discrepancies between the reconstructed MC and the “truth” and, in data, between the track momentum reconstructed using the TOFs and that reconstructed using the tracker. 

 h2. Charge 

 The purpose of the review is to examine the    track reconstruction software implemented in MAUS, including space-point reconstruction, track model, pattern recognition, error handling, and the Kalman filter.    The simulation code for the tracker will also be considered.    The review should consider the overall performance and efficiencies, and identify any issues in the implementation and recommend actions to improve the reconstruction. 

 h2. Review process 

 The process for the rolling review will be an initial meeting in which the architecture, structure and philosophy of the tracker software is presented.    This will be followed by a targeted investigation of the individual components of the tracker reconstruction and simulation software. 

 h2. Review personnel 

 K. Long (chair) 
 A. Bross 
 D. Colling 
 C. Rogers 
 D. Rajaram 


 Contributions will be sought from members of the tracker group: 
 A. Dobbs 
 P. Kyberd 
 M. Uchida 
 E. Overton 

 Others will be co-opted as required. 

 h2. Meetings 

 * Meeting 1 


 h2. Dial-in information 
 Access code: 8161978083 

 Dial-in Numbers: 
 Country 	         Toll-free 	 Toll 
 * Bulgaria 	 008001194419 	
 * China 	         8008703563 	
 * Italy 	         800149831 	 0236009716 
 * Japan 	         006633812547 	
 * Netherlands 	 08000203285 	
 * Russia 	 81080022671012 	
 * Switzerland 	 0800920039 	 0445807737 
 * UK 	         08082380274 	 02034333570 
 * US 	         631.621.5253 	 877.914.2048