Tracker Software Review - Meeting 1

April 27, 2017: 1400 BST


  1. Introduction - K. Long
  2. Reconstruction Efficiency - A. Dobbs tracker-recon-status.pdf
  3. Reconstruction Software Overview - A. Dobbs
  4. Noise Handling Overview - E. Overton
  5. Next Steps for review
  6. AoB

Additional documentation


  • Attendance: KL, PK, DR, CR, DC, AD, MU, EO, AB
  • Algorithm:
    DC: In determining #turns, do we have enough information to tell if there could be > 1 rotation between stations? Has such a restriction been imposed — can it be imposed — in selecting “ideal events”?
  • Efficiency:
    DC: Does MC show the same pattern of lower TKD efficiency?
    — are dead channels and noise handled correctly in the MC?
    MU: Noise smearing added by Heidt; AD notes it’s not part of standard production
    KL: we don’t want to rely on the MC for this unless we really have to
    Action: Check dead channel & noise handling in MC
    Action: Check MC of this run 8681 & compare efficiencies with data
  • Sources of error:
    CR: Need a list of sources of uncertainty: alignment, scattering, energy loss, field uniformity, etc and present what studies have been done — Action
  • Unused spacepoints:
    DC: In adding unused spacepoint, show the distribution of distance of unused s.p & its correlation with #pe — Action
  • Pt singularity:
    AB, DC: why not just run straight track fit 1st, if it satisfies chi2, then send to Kalman instead of trying to do a helical?
    Q: can Kalman reconstruct a helical from the straight?
    CH: Think so, if seeded properly.
    Action: This should be studied

Dial-in information

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