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h1. Tracker Install Documentation 

 Hopefully this page will serve as a tree, which details can be hung off.. I will try to keep this filled in with documentations.. 

 h1. Computing (DAQ, Configuration, Calibration) 

 h2. Controls: miceiocpctk 

 * This computer runs the trackerioc, and has a fraction of "james legacy code". The configuration code is located in the mice epics repositories. At present there is only the epicsDev version present: 

 * The central "deposit" for tracker information, code fragments, analysis scripts, configurations, etc.. is: 
 <pre>/home/epics/tracker</pre> This information is backed up to the MLCR backup system (see: [[online:MICENETBackups]]) and is shared with other tracker applications via nfs. If re-making the machine, restore this folder, and export, by adding the following to /etc/exports: 
 <pre> <pre>/home/epics/tracker 
 /export * 
 /export/tracker /home/epics/tracker 
 </pre>Also, set: <pre> mount --bind /export/tracker /home/epics/tracker </pre> Add the equivalent line to fstab. 

 Then </pre>Then enabled with: 
 <pre>/etc/init.d/nfs start 
 chkconfig nfs on </pre> 

 h3. TrackerIOC: 

 h3. Legacy code (soon to be deprecated). These programs can be found in: 


 To configure stuff: 

 # Launch the "AFEIItServerInterfaceUI", Load configuration file, Hit Initialise, then Play button. 
 # Launch the "AFEIItConfigurationUI", Load configuration file, Hit    Initialise, then Configure All (this takes 10mins - things look like they crashed, they did not, have faith). 

 h2. DAQ: miceacq16, miceacq17 

 * The tracker "deposit" should be mounted in /home/daq/tracker 

 h2. Calibration 

 The code for calibration should live in the "deposit", in mice-tracker-calibrations. 

 h3. Installation: 

 For the tracker calibration code, you need the following: 
 * MySQL database. 
 * MySQL interface from python: 
 ** <pre>cd /home/daq/Software/ExtApps 
 cd MySQL-python-1.2.5 
 python build 
 python install (AS ROOT).</pre>