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Tracker Install Documentation

Hopefully this page will serve as a tree, which details can be hung off.. I will try to keep this filled in with documentations..

Computing (DAQ, Configuration, Calibration)

Controls: miceiocpctk

  • This computer runs the trackerioc, and has a fraction of "james legacy code". The configuration code is located in the mice epics repositories. At present there is only the epicsDev version present:
  • The central "deposit" for tracker information, code fragments, analysis scripts, configurations, etc.. is:
    This information is backed up to the MLCR backup system (see: [[online:MICENETBackups]]) and is shared with other tracker applications via nfs. If re-making the machine, restore this folder, and export, by adding the following to /etc/exports:
    /export *
    Also, set:
     mount --bind /export/tracker /home/epics/tracker 
    Add the equivalent line to fstab. Then enable nfs with:
    /etc/init.d/nfs start
    chkconfig nfs on 


Legacy code (soon to be deprecated). These programs can be found in:


To configure stuff:

  1. Launch the "AFEIItServerInterfaceUI", Load configuration file, Hit Initialise, then Play button.
  2. Launch the "AFEIItConfigurationUI", Load configuration file, Hit Initialise, then Configure All (this takes 10mins - things look like they crashed, they did not, have faith).

TrDAQ: miceacq16, miceacq17

  • The tracker "deposit" should be mounted in /home/daq/tracker.
  • Scripts to run TrDAQ can be found in the scripts folder. Try to use these scripts, they put the data somewhere sane, with a sane name!
  • The TrDAQ code can be found in TrackerDAQ_ctlrm (this is now under vc via bzr). This is the control room version, the github version has not been studied close enough to figure out what has happened in between.


  • Some info on how the VLSB boards work in DATE can be found: TrackerDATE


The code for calibration should live in the "deposit", in mice-tracker-calibrations.


For the tracker calibration code, you need the following:
  • MySQL database.
  • MySQL interface from python:
    • cd /home/daq/Software/ExtApps
      cd MySQL-python-1.2.5
      python build
      python install (AS ROOT).

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