Tracker Software Meeting

Date: 9th Feb 2016 13:00 GMT

Attendance: MU, PK, KL, RB, CHunt

Apologies: AD, CHeidt


Digits (MU)

  • Runs for which FD had poor convergence show fluctuations in the hot/dead channels and strange fluctuations in plots on hit distributions.
    • Seems to be a reason to reject the runs from the alignment analysis;
  • Obviously:
    • Need to understand the history of the evolution of the hot/dead channels and the performance of the tracker h/w;
    • Need to take care to be sure that issues in the low-level tracker data are found much more efficiently in the future;
    • Must not have recurrence of situation where issues in tracker data are found months after data taking;




Pattern Recognition (AD)

Track Fit (CHunt)

  • New version including all improvements pushed to MAUS trunk.
    • Ready to use!

Geometry (RB)

  • Confirmed that the “residual drift” issue is related to the way in which G4 and MAUS treat rotations. Fixes are in the geometry and tests are being run.
  • Expect that validated changes will be ready by the end today.
  • Ready to use in around 24 hours.

Monte Carlo

Processing (DR)

  • Propose pilot runs on:
    • Data: 7416, 7469
    • MC: Representative samples
  • Pilot runs to be checked by:
    • FD: alignment;
    • CH: Track fit;
    • All: hits …


  • Processing (DR):
    • Pilot (7416, 7469, MC);
    • Checks;
    • Full processing;
  • History of tracker performance (MU/EO):
    • All runs from 2015 data taking;
  • Future (PK):
    • Scheme articulated including revised calibration script, online monitoring, et. PK will oversee execution of this such that it will be ready for the running in March.
  • Monitoring o/p from reconstruction (DR/PK):
    • Need to have plots coming from recons. when it runs to allow quality of data to be validated.
    • DR/PK will take the lead in making sure this is in place.


Next meeting: To be agreed by PK

Phone Details

Pin: 3977556405

UK +44 08082380274
USA +1 8779142048
Switzerland +41 0800920039

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