T1 Installation Meeting 2013-11-19

Date: 13:30 GMT, 19th Nov 2013
Location: R9

From notes taken by Andy Nicholls:

  • Tracker patch panel fit-up was successful
  • Jagged welds need to be ground off solenoid vessel and degreasing completed - MS
  • It is confirmed that the diffuser will be fitted in R5.2 (MICE Hall), not R9
  • Diffuser rack position needs to be settled, that is, RR2, or North mezzanine, subject to air system pipe length tests – AN put Mike & Joe in contact with John Webb
  • Tracker fibre protection sleeve has been tried out
  • John Palin of DL will measure solenoid bore on 26-28th Nov. If he has time, also explore the flange at North end of solenoid - GB
  • Need a longitudinal section drg of complete installation, showing all stay clears, features, key radial and longitudinal dimensions and envelopes – GB
  • Move Pallet & spreader beam before next week - MS
  • Need a cheap and quick dummy diffuser – JT
  • Oxford will bring counterbalanced diffuser lifting beam – AN arrange RAL certification when necessary
  • Block needs grinding off solenoid body – we have permission – AN/MS
  • Ask US about buffing out scores in bore – AN
  • Drafts of general method statement & tool list blank circulated and attached above – AN
  • Specific risk assessment can be the SHE Group ‘on the hoof’ variety, but must be completed before work starts – GB
  • Tracker nominated person is Adam Dobbs, delegated to either CM or AN when required
  • Compatibility between tracker lightguides and PRY still appears problematic – AN, JST, GB, CM meet in R5.2
  • Finish tracker installation manual - GB

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