SoftwareHandoverMeeting 2014-11-17

Date: 17th November 2014
Attendance: D. Adey, A. Dobbs
Purpose: Handover of head of tracker software from A. Dobbs to D. Adey

  • Fix real data unpacking, consultant with Y. Karadzhov as needed - urgent (D. Adey)
  • Understand and reduce tails in pz residuals plots (D. Adey, A. Dobbs)
    • From low pt tracks predominantly, probably where recon code gets number of turns between stations wrong in Pattern Recognition
    • Cutting out 4 point tracks helps greatly, but lose ~ 20% of tracks
  • Understand / correct pz residual offset (C. Hunt)
  • Understand emittance error / bias and correct if possible (C. Hunt, D. Adey)
  • Create dead channel lists and implement (D. Adey)
  • Finish MC noise (C. Heidt) and use in analyses
  • Account for spacepoints being common to more than one track (A. Dobbs)
  • Stress test code (D. Adey)
  • Perform efficiency and purity studies, including efficiency vs pt plots (C. Hunt)
  • Add online plots (M. Uchida)
  • Perform alignment studies (M. Uchida)
  • Check for memory leaks (D. Adey)
  • Update documentation (D. Adey, A. Dobbs)

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