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George, Melissa, 15 January 2015 15:58

Mock Data Challenge Plan

Mission Statement:
To test the Tracker system from a trigger through the DAQ and software. If possible with cold cryostats and at at least one tracker with full waveguides in place.

Main Goals:
  • Get a working trigger input from the LED system
  • One tracker with cold cryos
  • One with full waveguides attached
  • Understand noise in the system
  • DAQ - Use code that is committed into the repository and hardware defined in the database and updated firmware on VME boards.
  • LED - repeat November test with everything on LED system hooked up (unless we have a serious noise problem) and determine light yield required.
  • understand grounding.
  • To have a working monitoring and online reconstruction tool patched into v7r3 in the control room.
Secondary Goals:
  • LED - determine appropriate brightness required by LED system and set it if possible
  • Reduce noise to acceptable levels (cryostat grounding).
  • Fix issues with grounding (vme crates etc)
  • The monitoring and online reconstruction tool patched int v7r3 in the control showing sensible readout.

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