Meeting 21-6-2017

Date: 21st June 2017
Time: 15:00 UK time
Attendance: Alan, Paul, Melissa, Adam And Chris H.

Agenda and Minutes

Prev Actions:

New Actions:
Chris Hunt - Kalman documentation.

Status of cryostats and Plan for works, AB, EO CW et al

August for cool down, started warm up today wont be warm till Saturday pumping from Monday 26th. Leaks will be fixed in August. Cold in mid August.

Tracker Software Work and review, PK and AD et al

Adam, Pat rec will be fit with minuit at first for the 3d helix fit.

Chris H has been looking in more detail at the maths of the Kalman fit using simple models. Can predict residual distributions using hand (pen and paper) calculations. This worked well for the most part. ATM P value deviates due to high noise or low stats. This is a minor effect though .25%. The next step is to extrapolate to a straight line or helix fit. After that validation will be complete.

Next meeting for software review is after CM.

Talks for CM

Chris Hunt will talk on track fit validation. Chris will see if he can add in pat rec.
Paul to give a Tracker software update talk.
Tracker hardware status and MOM talk Ed.

Next meeting July 19th.

Phone Details: International Toll-Free Dial-in numbers

Access code: 1779339517

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Country Toll-free Toll
  • Bulgaria 008001194419
  • China 8008703563
  • Italy 800149831 0236009716
  • Japan 006633812547
  • Netherlands 08000203285
  • Russia 81080022671012
  • Switzerland 0800920039 0445807737
  • UK 08082380274 02034333570
  • US 631.621.5253 877.914.2048

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