Meeting 17-8-2016

Date: 17th Aug 2016
Time: 15:00 UK time
Attendance: Melissa, Paul, Adam, Ed.

Agenda and Minutes

Prev Actions:
  • Board testing in Tracker lab - EO - 4 tested, no temp or bias calib as yet.
  • For readiness Paul is going to look at variations in field and whether we can see them in detector data. He now knows how to do it.
  • Ed is going to be looking at improving pattern rec with Adam.
  • Electronics noise MC/Data comparison: CHeidt and Ed
  • Melissa will compare her analysis data to MC when MC is available analysis code, the standard MC sets that appear on MAUS/wiki.
  • C. Heidt: MC documentation needs updating

New Actions:

Data Taking Summary MAU, EO, PK, AD

  • Reconstruction of real data MAU -
    Data analysis went well all online
  • What can we tell with field PK - ongoing
  • MC data comparison CHeidt and EO, MAU - ongoing

Status of hardware,

Commissioning: EO CMW MU

  • Hall probes
  • cryostat status (& spares)
  • daresbury interlocks.
  • tracker daq/c&m systems
  • spare boards

Moved chiller to accommodate water changeover. A pipe to the new chiller went and DS cryo3 and 4 have warmed up as a result. Craig is on holiday but will get them re-cooled when they are back. Ed will check that went okay.

MICE hall, inc Services and requirements : CM, GB,
  • Tracker lab.

Chasing VLSB and AFE spares

2. Software: PK, AD, CHunt, CHeidt

  • Performance and Analysis
  • Validation script
  • Geometry,
    - All ok for 4 weeks now.
  • Calibrations, Configurations
    - Fairly easy to keep calibrations up to date. Not completely automated but will be following more tests.
  • Monte Carlo
    - Documentation still outstanding, all else good.
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Kalman
  • Online Displays
  • Readiness

Chris Hunts analysis files and folders are online at

Tracker Software Paper and Documentation - AD, PK DR

  • All the scripts are now in the MAUS (currently the merge branch) to reproduce the plots:
    • bin/user/batch_cluster/ and see README therein
    • bin/user/scifi/
  • C. Heidt: MC documentation needs updating

Lots of work done by Ed et al to identify the low Pt low efficiency issue. Looks like we are almost ready to go! Paul is going to check eds work and then we will come up with the explanation for the paper.

4. Alignment


Phone Details: International Toll-Free Dial-in numbers

  • Switzerland: 0800705351
  • UK: 08004960576
  • US: 1-866-740-1260
  • Other numbers
  • Access Code: 5673390

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