Meeting 10-5-2017

Date: 10th May 2017
Time: 15:00 UK time

Agenda and Minutes

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Status of cryostats and sample bottle progress

Sample bottles told us there was quite a lot of air in the bottle. In the end they attached an RGA directly to the cassette volume (limited to max 1e-5 mbar). Found that there was a lot of air. Could reduce this after many pump purges. Checked supply line which looked good. Next checked cry3 and found the same. Leak rate looks as expected. 13% nitrogen and 1% water found on Monday. Alan arrives tomorrow and will examine further.

Ideas: Heat cassette itself then flush gas through it. Flush with nitrogen not helium.

Helical Efficiency Improvements: AD and Round table discussion,

Adam now has all efficiencies above 99% and has found that by changing the algorithm this small amount does not include extra noise. He is now looking to see if this addresses the hole at pt=0. He is currently blocked by some stuff in Chris Hunts code and is hoping to have the release ready soon. This problem though does not appear to be affecting the validity elsewhere.

Software meeting next week is currently at risk
Paul is working on some improvements.
Next meeting May 24th.

Phone Details: International Toll-Free Dial-in numbers

Access code: 1779339517

Dial-in Numbers:
Country Toll-free Toll
  • Bulgaria 008001194419
  • China 8008703563
  • Italy 800149831 0236009716
  • Japan 006633812547
  • Netherlands 08000203285
  • Russia 81080022671012
  • Switzerland 0800920039 0445807737
  • UK 08082380274 02034333570
  • US 631.621.5253 877.914.2048

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