Meeting 1-3-2017

Date: 1st Mar 2017
Time: 15:30 UK time
Apologies: Paul K

Agenda and Minutes

Prev Actions:
Action: Ed, Spare Boards still need temp on RH boards and bias calib on LH boards. Will do it in a week in January.

New Actions:

Data Taking Summary MAU, EO, PK, AD

Dead channels DS

Efficiency DS Round table discussion,

Descoped cooling Tracker design - AD

Status of spares: EO CMW
  • cold heads and boards

4 new absorbers have been ordered and will arrive for the shutdown and be installed on each cryostat.
Quotes have been requested for two new compressors.

2. Software: PK, AD, CHunt, CHeidt

Paul K send update in his absence that he is working on getting MAUS 2.8.3 working.

  • Performance and Analysis
  • Validation script
  • Geometry,
  • Calibrations, Configurations
  • Monte Carlo
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Kalman
  • Online Displays


Phone Details: International Toll-Free Dial-in numbers

  • Switzerland: 0800705351
  • UK: 08004960576
  • US: 1-866-740-1260
  • Other numbers
  • Access Code: 5673390

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