Meeting 20-4-2016

Date: 20th April 2016
Time: 15:00 UK time
Attendance: Ed CHeidt, CHunt, Adam, Paul K, Melissa, Ed, Pierrick and Craig
Apologies: Ray
h2. Agenda and Minutes

Prev Actions:
Board testing in Tracker lab - EO - 4 tested, no temp or bias calib as yet. Work to continue.
  • Look at dead channels over time in HW and SW - Melissa and Ed
  • Check efficiency using Admax code and extend to include on 3+ sp tracks. Melissa
  • Speak with Durga about automating all of the calibrations etc for all sub-detectors automated going into MAUS for recon. - Chris Hunt

New Actions:

1. Status of hardware,

Commissioning: EO CMW MU

  • cryostat status (& spares)

Waiting on Ao's visa to finish work on spares.

  • daresbury interlocks.
  • tracker daq/c&m systems
  • spare boards

No other major hardware changes.

Hall probe connectors leak tighting must be done within two weeks. Ed suggests a helium tight vessel around.

MICE hall, inc Services and requirements : CM, GB,

  • Tracker lab.

First Data Analysis - ALL
  • Low level Analysis
  • track analysis
  • efficiency
  • helical tracks

2. Software: PK, AD, CHunt, CHeidt

  • Performance and Analysis
  • Validation script
    Work basically ready. Will add in efficiency. Be in for 2.2.
  • CDB
  • Geometry,
    - All ok for two weeks now, both in MC and recon. All rotations now passive which is diff from our engineering drawings (but is well documented) and means that in MAUS everything works.
  • Calibrations, Configurations
    - Fairly easy to keep calibrations up to date. Not completely automated but will be following more tests
  • Monte Carlo
    - Documentation still outstanding, all else good.
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Kalman
  • Online Displays
  • Readiness

Lots of new changes in MAUS ready for a new release including Kalman, Efficiency and MC.

The software paper is very near completion and is being edited as we speak for the final wording.

Tracker Software Paper and Documentation - AD, PK DR

4. Alignment

Chris Heidt is making good progress and has found atm.


New Actions

Phone Details: International Toll-Free Dial-in numbers

  • Switzerland: 0800705351
  • UK: 08004960576
  • US: 1-866-740-1260
  • Other numbers
  • Access Code: 5673390

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