DemoMeeting 10-1-2017

3 and 4 stations were originally considered for the design. Due to noise 4 stations was determined to be necessary.
Geoff drew up the CAD and decided it was possible.
Nikhev have been instructed.
Adam did analysis using geometries provided by Chris. He simulated RF noise by adding in multiple tracks per trigger. Efficiency was found to drop sharply at >2 tracks per trigger. Alan Bross thoughts tracks were too tough a noise simulation and random spacepoints would be better. Need to look at what the rates should be.
Melissa has some calculations of this rate and will give them to Adam.

Look at efficiency drops as a function of RF noise implemented as random spaceponts.
Implement random spacepoints at expected rates
Melissa to discuss with Adam the distributions she calculated.
Chris to make a page to coordinate the work for the paper.

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