CryoMeeting 24-4-2017

Date: 24th Apr 2017
Time: 16:00 UK time
Attendance: Colin, Alan, Ken, Craig, Paul, Melissa, Ed

Aim: Provide a quick history so we may plan the next steps for the cryostat's.

Agenda and Minutes

Review of Cryostat 2 Status

  • See slides Cryo2Service.pdf
  • Discussion:
    • Disassembly is a big deal (AB):
      • To access cassette requires a complete cryostat tear down.
      • Thermal link fidelity not guaranteed (Cryostat 1 took 3 attempts)
      • Would require a FNAL team to perform tasks, maybe possible for September.
    • RTV seal used for wave guides is getting old (possibly more leaky).

Plans for Cryostat 1,3,4

  • Require a sample analysed from the cassette space to determine water contamination.
  • Need to be prepared to take data in 2nd week of next cycle.
    • Should plan cool down and potential waveguide move accordingly.

Plans for Cryostat 2
  • None.


Phone Details: International Toll-Free Dial-in numbers

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