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George, Melissa, 28 October 2015 15:43

Analysis Code

Please put any code that you have written to perform analysis and reconstruction tasks plots etc into the tabel below along with a description of what it does and how and the language it is written in.

Useful Code

Code Language Description date Python What it does 12/12/99

Final Script Development

Code Language Description date Python Claibration Script to be run once per shift and checked by experts
to check the calibrations are valid
28/10/15 Python Python Script (or eventually an Analysis Package)of Reconstruction Plots 28/10/15 Python Script to be run once per run and checked by shifters to check the
validity of the data and that the calibrations are valid. Then a final
line that based on those checks and tolerances says whether the run is
good for the tracker or not. In Physics Devel

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