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h1. Analysis Code 

 Please put any code that you have written to perform analysis and reconstruction tasks plots etc into the table below along with a description of what it does and how and the language it is written in. 

 h2. Useful Code 

 |_.Code          |_.Language        |_.Description               |_. date           |       | 
 | bin/utilities/ | Python | Supports argparse interface (i.e. has --help flags!). 
                                                   Runs over a maus reconstructed data file and produces many 10s of plots 
                                                   describing the behaviour of various components of the tracker reconstruction. 
                                                   If you want a quick check of how the data looks - this is a good place to start! | 09/12/2015 | Christopher Hunt | 
 |         |Python            |What it does                | 12/12/99         |    nameX      | 
 |                |                  |                            |                  |    nameY      | 

 h2. Final Script Development 

 OnRec and OnMon are visible through MAUS directly 

 |_.Code                                 |_.Language    |_.Description                                                               |_. date     | 
 |                  | Python       | Calibration Script / Tools to be run and checked by experts. TODO: Automatic (shifter) running. |28/10/15 | 
 |     |Python        | Python Script (or eventually an Analysis Package)of Reconstruction Plots |28/10/15 | 
 |                     | Python       | Script to be run once per run and checked by shifters to check the  
                                                      validity of the data and that the calibrations are valid.    Then a final  
                                                      line that based on those checks and tolerances says whether the run is  
                                                      good for the tracker or not. In Physics Devel.                             |28/10/15 | 
 | | Python | Python script producing various data quality plots, takes a maus_output.root file as an argument |29/10/15 |