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h1. MICE safety reviews 

 On this page is gathered the formal documentation regarding safety in MICE.    The contents includes links to the documentation of working and operational procedures as well as sign-off sheets generated in the run-up to operation.    Links to the MICE/ISIS Safety Committee, formal safety reviews and MICE Safety meetings are also given on this page. 

 h2. MICE operating instructions (OpIs)  

 * MICE operating instruction 01 (OpI01): attachment:MICE-Opl.01_signed_24Jul15.pdf 

 h2. MICE Operational Safety Policy 

 * operational summary note 

 h2. Duty Coordinator matters  

 * Duty Coordinator role description 

 h2. Special Safety Instructions 

 * MICE Safety Instruction 001 - Issue Of and Compliance With Electrical Permits to Work: attachment:MICE-001.doc 

 h2. Task-specific risk assessments and method statements (RAMS): 

 * Removal and installation of the diffuser in SSU 
 ** Risk assessment: attachment:diffuserRA.doc 
 * Commissioning of the MICE magnet system 2016 
 ** RAMS MICE Magnets Combined operation. attachment: RAMS-Combined-Magnets.pdf 
 ** MICE Magnets Risk Assessment. Attachment:  
 * Commissioning of the MICE QP/QD system 2016: 
 ** Method statement: attachment:QD-QPCommissioning_2016-05-25.pdf 
 ** Risk assessment: attachment:yyyy.pdf 
 ** MICE task list for commissioning the MICE magnets and sign-off sheets: 
 *** Task list June 30th 2016: attachment:MICE_New_QPS_Commissioning_plan-v1.docx 
 *** Task list may 2016: list: attachment:MICE_New_QPS_Commissioning_plan-v0.docx 
 *** Sign-off sheet for spectrometer-solenoid power-supply commissioning: attachment:bbbb.PDF 
 ** Spectrometer solenoid commission and test activity 2016: attachment:QD-QPCommissioning_RAMS_2016-05-25.pdf 
 * Commissioning, training and operation of the MICE magnets 2015: 
 ** Method statement: attachment:2015-07-17-MICE-Step-IV-magnets-MS-I1.pdf 
 ** Risk assessment: attachment:2015-07-17-MICE-Step-IV-magnets-RA-I1-r1.1.pdf 
 *** Explanation of quantitative risk categories: attachment:2015-07-17-MICE-Step-IV-magnets-RA-I1-r1.2.pdf 
 ** MICE superconducting magnets; competencies: attachment:2015-07-22-MICE-magnet-competencies-I1.pdf 
 *** Magnetic training slides for MICE system experts: attachment:MICE_MagneticSafety-150722.pdf 
 ** MICE task list for commissioning the MICE magnets and sign-off sheets: 
 *** Task list: attachment:2015-07-17-MagnetTrainingTaskList.pdf 
 *** Sign-off sheet for spectrometer-solenoid power-supply commissioning: attachment:INTERLOCKS0001.PDF 
 * Archive of past task-specific RAMS: 
 ** MICE Hall: method statement/risk assessment VIP tours of the MICE Hall, 09 and 11 July 2015: attachment:2015-07-09-VIP-Visit.pdf 
 ** Supplementary instructions for access to the MICE Hall Action in the event of an alarm from the temporary ODH monitor: attachment:2015-07-07-MICE-Supplementary-Instructions-KL-ODH-1.pdf 
 ** Spectrometer solenoid commission and test activity 03Jul15 to 05Jul15: attachment:2015-07-03-SS-test-RAMS.pdf 

 h2. Rules for working in the MICE Hall and generic risk assessments and method statements: 

 * [[2015-06-26-RAMS|MICE Hall (R5.2) Local Rules and generic risk assessments and method statements]] 
 * The procedures to be followed in the event of alarms are defined here: attachment:MICE-response-to-alarms-I1.pdf 
 * The training records of MICE personnel are recorded in the MICE shift tool "CHEESE".    The records may be accessed via the following link: 
 ** "": 
 ** Note that the records are password protected.    An ISIS account has been created and the password has been passed to A. Stevens. 

 h2. MICE-ISIS Safety Committee: 

 * "MICE-ISIS Safety committee meetings": 

 h2. Safety Reviews: 

 * Magnetic mitigation: 
 ** 2014-04-28: "Magnetic Shielding Review": 
 *** Feedback: attachment:MICE-Magnetic-Field-Safety-Review-Report.pdf 
 *** [[2015-06-Response2MagShldRev|Response to magnetic-shielding review recommendations]] 
 ** 2013 PRY design review: 
 *** Feedback: attachment:MICE_Stray_field_mitigation_review_report.pdf 
 * [[PPS Review]] 
 ** [[2015-06-Response2PPSReview|Response to PPS review recommendations]] 
 * Liquid Hydrogen Review: attachment:MICE_Liquid_Hydrogen_System_Operational_Review.pdf 

 h2. MICE safety meetings: 

 * 2015: 
 ** [[MICE-safety-mtg-2015-08-05|2015-08-05]]