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h1. MICE Safety 

 h2. MICE-ISIS Safety Committee; Safety Reviews and Documentation 

 h3. MICE operating instructions (OpIs)  

 * MICE operating instruction 001 (OpI001): attachment:OpI1(rev.4).pdf attachment:OpI2(rev.4).pdf 

 h3. Task-specific risk assessments and method statements (RAMS): 

 * Commissioning, training and operation of the MICE magnets: 
 ** Method statement: attachment:2015-07-17-MICE-Step-IV-magnets-MS-I1.pdf 
 ** Risk assessment: attachment:2015-07-17-MICE-Step-IV-magnets-RA-I1-r1.1.pdf 
 *** Explanation of quantitative risk categories: attachment:2015-07-17-MICE-Step-IV-magnets-RA-I1-r1.2.pdf 
 ** MICE task list for commissioning the MICE magnets and sign-off sheets: 
 *** Task list: attachment:2015-07-17-MagnetTrainingTaskList.pdf 
 *** Sign-off sheet for spectrometer-solenoid power-supply commissioning: attachment:INTERLOCKS0001.PDF 
 * Archive of past task-specific RAMS: 
 ** MICE Hall: method statement/risk assessment VIP tours of the MICE Hall, 09 and 11 July 2015: attachment:2015-07-09-VIP-Visit.pdf 
 ** Supplementary instructions for access to the MICE Hall Action in the event of an alarm from the temporary ODH monitor: attachment:2015-07-07-MICE-Supplementary-Instructions-KL-ODH-1.pdf 
 ** Spectrometer solenoid commission and test activity 03Jul15 to 05Jul15: attachment:2015-07-03-SS-test-RAMS.pdf 

 h3. Rules for working in the MICE Hall and generic risk assessments and method statements: 

 * [[2015-06-26-RAMS|MICE Hall (R5.2) Local Rules and generic risk assessments and method statements]] 
 * The procedures to be followed in the event of alarms are defined here: attachment:MICE-response-to-alarms-I1.pdf 
 * The training records of MICE personnel are recorded in the MICE shift tool "CHEESE".    The records may be accessed via the following link: 
 ** "": 
 ** Note that the records are password protected.    An ISIS account has been created and the password has been passed to A. Stevens. 

 h3. MICE-ISIS Safety Committee: 

 * "MICE-ISIS Safety committee meetings": 

 h3. Safety Reviews: 

 * Magnetic mitigation: 
 ** 2014-04-28: "Magnetic Shielding Review": 
 *** Feedback: attachment:MICE-Magnetic-Field-Safety-Review-Report.pdf 
 *** [[2015-06-Response2MagShldRev|Response to magnetic-shielding review recommendations]] 
 ** 2013 PRY design review: 
 *** Feedback: attachment:MICE_Stray_field_mitigation_review_report.pdf 
 * [[PPS Review]] 
 ** [[2015-06-Response2PPSReview|Response to PPS review recommendations]] 
 * Liquid Hydrogen Review: attachment:MICE_Liquid_Hydrogen_System_Operational_Review.pdf