MICE-ISIS PPS Review Actions

  1. The panel suggests that the MICE team provides greater clarity on the hazards that need to be mitigated by the PPS: a HAZID and overarching risk assessment should be completed. – CM/AN
  2. Verbal communications are likely to be difficult in the MICE Hall due to the general noise and tortuous search routes. The panel suggests using a tannoy or sounder to ensure that searches are carried out rigorously, robustly and efficiently. – CM/JG
  3. The User Guide is a very detailed and good instruction and procedure document. The panel recommends that, due to its length, a ‘Quick Reference Guide’ also be produced to help with training and routine operations. – CM/HN
  4. ISIS makes a clear demarcation of responsibilities at the point of a new system / instrument / installation being approved for operation. The panel recommends that MICE implements a pre-operational approval procedure (cf ISIS OPI-207) with ISIS management representation. This should include an activity where the search activity (with the current equipment configuration) is observed. – We’ll talk through what they mean by this at the “Big MICE Sign-Off” meeting
  5. Discipline and rigour of searches is critical. The panel asks for suitable procedures to be implemented that ensure that discipline and rigour are maintained even with a transient MICE workforce. CM: I think we should create a procedure whereby the MICE shift staff sign off after a search. We should also more actively use the “spot the dummy” exercise. We give the MICE staff adequate training. We are available by phone to consult if there are problems. What more can we do..?
  6. Raised floor areas, cavities/caves and stairs need meshing. A joint tour with ISIS operations management specifically checking these should be carried out before operation. – JG/CM
  7. The panel was pleased to note that the PPS hardware looked robust. Highlighting blue switches on blue paintwork (e.g. door frames) with a contrasting colour, would aid its operation. - JG
  8. The panel noted that not every PPS event appeared to be displayed at every entry point e.g. O2 depletion. The panel recommends ensuring that relevant events are enunciated consistently across the facility. – DL was putting extra beacons by the exits. Is this done yet?
  9. The panel asks for information on the operation and sensitivity of the metal detector to be provided. - CM
  10. Access to the crane should be made secure and be subject to a formal search. – CM/HN/JG
  11. The panel seeks assurance that the MICE process for PPS change control should integrate with ISIS through the ISMP. - CM

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