Initial discussion of revision to procedures generated during negotiation of permission to operate the superconducting magnets in the Step IV configuration.


Present: MP, PMH, KL, JPa, CW, AN, CMacW, SG
  • Use of ferrous tools etc.:
  1. Electrical safety, lock-out/tag-out, magnet-off buttons and access to the channel from the South Mezzanine: S. Griffiths * Implementation of upgrades including DCCT, lock-out of breakers etc. underway. * Access to the top of the PRY is being improved with the installation of the access platform. * Method statement and risk assessment being prepared (90% complete). Will document procedure for doing changes to DC link boxes. Procedure will include:
    - Definition of people who may make an intervention in the link boxes. These will be the MICE electrical techs and ISIS support technicians.
    - Sketch of procedure:
    - Switch off power supply;
    - Isolate at breaker panel and lock off;
    - Caution notice to say work is taking place;
    - Issue permit to allow work;
    - With permit can obtain key for link box;
    - Changes will be approved by magnet responsible person;
    - Tests associated with particular power supply will then be released;
  2. Use of ferrous tools and search for ferrous objects prior to magnet operations: A. Nichols * Trying to define separation between hands-on construction work with the magnet training. Driven by the need to control the magnetic debris. * Drafts uploaded for comment. * We discussed the need to agree a definition for what is operation and what is construction. AN will draft the statement. * Padlocks on the south mezzanine;
    - Need to revise the PPS document. CMacW agreed to do this.

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