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h1. Task specific RAMS 

 [[safety-reviews: Superconducting Magnet Wiring Task specific RAMS |Superconducting Magnet Wiring Task-specific RAMS ]] 

 * Removal and installation of the diffuser in SSU 
 ** Risk assessment: attachment:diffuserRA.doc 
 ** Method statement: attachment:DiffuserMS.pdf 

 ** MICE Hall: method statement/risk assessment VIP tours of the MICE Hall, 09 and 11 July 2015: attachment:2015-07-09-VIP-Visit.pdf 

 ** Supplementary instructions for access to the MICE Hall Action in the event of an alarm from the temporary ODH monitor: attachment:2015-07-07-MICE-Supplementary-Instructions-KL-ODH-1.pdf 

 h2. Archive of past task-specific RAMS: 

 * Commissioning of the MICE magnet system 2016 
 ** RAMS MICE Magnets Combined operation. attachment: RAMS-Combined-Magnets.pdf 
 ** MICE Magnets Risk Assessment. attachment:Risk_Assessment_MICE_fields.doc  

 * Commissioning of the MICE QP/QD system 2016: 
 ** Method statement: attachment:QD-QPCommissioning_2016-05-25-2.pdf 
 ** MICE task list for commissioning the MICE magnets and sign-off sheets: 
 *** Task list June 30th 2016: attachment:MICE_New_QPS_Commissioning_plan-v1-1.docx 
 *** Task list may 2016: attachment:MICE_New_QPS_Commissioning_plan-v0.docx 
 ** Spectrometer solenoid commission and test activity 2016: attachment:QD-QPCommissioning_RAMS_2016-05-25-3.pdf 

 * Commissioning, training and operation of the MICE magnets 2015: 
 ** Method statement: attachment:2015-07-17-MICE-Step-IV-magnets-MS-I1-6.pdf 
 ** Risk assessment: attachment:2015-07-17-MICE-Step-IV-magnets-RA-I1-r1.1-2.pdf 
 *** Explanation of quantitative risk categories: attachment:2015-07-17-MICE-Step-IV-magnets-RA-I1-r1.2.pdf 
 ** MICE task list for commissioning the MICE magnets and sign-off sheets: 
 *** Task list: attachment:2015-07-17-MagnetTrainingTaskList.pdf 
 *** Sign-off sheet for spectrometer-solenoid power-supply commissioning: attachment:INTERLOCKS0001.PDF 

 ** Spectrometer solenoid commission and test activity 03Jul15 to 05Jul15: attachment:2015-07-03-SS-test-RAMS.pdf