Phone details

  1. Actions
    • AK/PW: test permissions of required connections HMI to PLC.
      • tbc-CW - stands.
    • PW/MT: to test PV20 in sequence. - no further tests required.
    • AK: to arrange meeting on archiver with JB and implement. JB to confirm - complete.
    • AG: Check bonding of lightning conductor. awaiting paperwork.
    • MT order Helium dewar - complete.
    • LH2 group - shifter/MoM response to hydrogen alarm.
  2. Monitoring and archival of data
    all good.
  3. Current technical
    detector - MIDS - contacted re-visit - AN to pursue.
    MT to document JB to contact JT.
    AN to fit padlock to gate at bottom of stairs to MICE hall roof.
  4. Documentation
  5. Timetable
    Fill and leave.
  6. Expert cover
    • Rota to be posted with contact numbers.
      MT to 22nd Sept.
      JB Weekend 23rd/24th/25th
      MT 26th-29th.
      JB 30th-2nd.
  1. Next meeting
  2. AoB


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