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Letter to invitees cancelling LH2 tour.

Action AK/PW. test permissions of required connections HMI to PLC.
Action CW. to procure solenoid for PV 20 – replace Namur valve, ordered.
Action MT. to fit and test PV20 solenoid.
Action PW/MT. to test PV20 in sequence.
Action JB. to prepare rota on 'limited call-out' basis.
Action AK to arrange meeting on archiver with JB.
Action AN Arrange final documentation review
Action JB Completion of Hazop requirements
Action CMcW. Apply labels to pipes in loading bay area
Action CW Secure crash barriers around charging enclosure to roadway
Action AN to apply ATEX zone notice to valve panel area.
Action AG Check bonding of lightning conductor
Action PW to send PV conversion factors to AK. AK will send list of required PVs.
Action AK to move monitoring GUI to ISIS control room. Audible alarm also required.
Action PW to write up required works for power supply for absorber heaters.
Action PW to fit 4th 20mA supply to top level sensor.
Action CW to fit Gates/chain to control access to valve panel Atex zone.
Action CMcW/HN to modify Hall search to account for Atex zone barriers.
Action CW to find shifters for LH2 run 21st to 25th August.
Action PW to add acknowledge fault functionality to software.

Monitoring and archival of data - PF/AK
Current technical
  • Vacuum line
    • Complete
      • 1st elbow and T
      • merge
      • Bellows bracing.
    • measurements for remainder complete except final fit - Monday.
  • MICE LH2 documents.
  • Atex documentation.
    • H2 shed - provided by ExVeritas.
    • Extract fans - not part of Atex zone.
      • Atex zone drawing -JT
    • Items in H2 panel.


  • run periods before 19th Sept.
  • expert cover

Next meeting


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