15th June 2017; 11:00 BST

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  • Actions
    Action MT to investigate gas supply leak
    Action on PW. to check is hydrogen detection system sensitive to neon. Action AK to follow through de-bugging of datalogger.
    Action AK to investigate quench detector mimic and contact DL as appropriate.
    Action PF to prepare short doc describing - LH2_monitoring_v2.pdf
    Action MT/JB to agree and implement testing of quench valves.
    Action MT to find pins for turret connectors an pass to CMcW.
    Action CW to arrange meeting with PW, JB, MT to discuss timetable Tues/wed next week.
    Action MT to label keys for H2 system
  • Operations
    • Monitoring and archival of data - PF/AK
    • Air ingress -MT
  • Current technical
    • Refurbishment of turret in R9 - CW
      • bypass pipe
      • connectors - level sensor broken wire
      • welding - possible delay to next week.
      • thermal links
    • Refurbishment of pipework from turret to gas panel and plenum
    • Refurbishment of pipework from plenum to roof and vent
      • Support and positioning. JT to layout.
      • Swap 2nd sections and cut new holes in shed at higher level to clear obstructions.
      • shorten pump support unistrut frame and move to east.
      • blow off valves delivered with JB.
        • modification to ss flange
  • Timetable
    • Extraction of FC from beam line -SS survey Thursday. CW
    • Removal of turret from FC - MT/SB
  • Next meeting
  • AoB

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