Attending: S.Feher, D.Orris, R.Pilipenko, P.Hanlet

The items to discuss are:

  1. Rack from DL
    • Describe standard DL rack
    • ACTION PMH: get dimensions of rack and send to Roman
    • Darryl will get charge code from Alan
  2. Schedule
    • Darryl will get together with Fred Lewis to get schedule
    • Fred will provide technician
    • Will know schedule in 2 weeks
    • Aim for March delivery to RAL
    • Aim for end April for full commissioning
    • Need to talk to Jersey for software help
    • Fred has experience with packing and shipping
    • Fred will also let us know when they need rack
  3. Logging system
    • Should we have both fast and slow data logging
    • Sandor proposes archiving at 1 second; don't need slow data since using 1 sec filter
    • Roman can average for 1 second and I will read it out in the C&M system
    • Await response from Heng
    • ACTION PMH: email out description of synchronization needs for data logging
  4. Commissioning and training (me)
    • Pierrick to travel to FNAL for training/commissioning
    • Darryl will provide when/duration
  5. DoNM - 3rd November 16:00/20:00/21:00 (CST/GMT/DST)
  6. AoB
    • none

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