Job List for Step IV Maintenance Shutdown (January 2016)

N.B. ISIS synch closed 4th-11th for MMPS testing
N.B. ISIS synch closed from 16:30 28th Jan.
N.B. ISIS run-up starts 1st February

  • [[computing-software:MLCRUPSunits|APC UPS]] battery tests
    • Network switch at-risk during Network Rack UPS tests, and so on...
    • Possibly repeat calibration for IOC UPS DGC-PS-03
    • "New" extra UPS DGC-PS-08 for IOCs
  • AFC2 removal
  • AFC1 install
  • Boosted Air sensor install : 4th - 8th
  • ISIS Network at-risk : 9th-10th
  • Linde Fridge service : 11th-15th
  • Beamstop Hydraulic Lift service : 15th
  • ISIS Network router : 23rd
  • Linde Compressor Service : 18th-21st
    • Remedial visit 29th January
  • DS QP: replace final battery cell (DL) and diodes in BBU circuit
  • Target Fibre Mapping (through to Junction Box C)
  • Target fibre loopback
    • Action : Colin will get in touch with Sheffield to plan this
  • PPS crates rearrangement and PPS mods : late January
  • PPS & BPS functional tests : 26th January
  • TOF0 Survey : Jan 6th - 8th
  • Conventional magnet cooling system flush - D2, Q5 & Q6, Q789 : 25th to 29th subject to John G schedule and ISIS run-up
    • Action : Talk to John about schedule for this
    • Only doing D2 and Q5
  • Q456 drip trays + finish Q789 drip trays
    • Action : Henry/Pierrick will think about a design for this and will circulate a sketch by second week of January.
  • Q6 water leak - will not do this in January but keep under review for longer shutdowns between ISIS user periods.
  • Polarity sensor tests: D1 negative
    • D2 negative: move and reconnect D2 PSU first
    • D1 & D2 positive
  • Design for safe access to top of PRY.
  • Network reconfiguration for C&M : Pierrick to provide a document by first week of January but ASAP.
  • Find out when DSA should be shut before the runup to the last ISIS run
    • Action : Craig will talk to Mark Arnold to get a date estimate
  • Post-maintenance recovery:
    • Test run of D2 and quads before DSA closed
    • Test run of target before synch closed
    • Restore EPICS Archivers and Alarm Handler
    • Restore services: A/C, compressed air, water
    • DS cooldown restart: 2nd February

Key: possible, definite, date fixed

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