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h1. Operations Wiki 

 h2. Running 
 * [[BeamlineOptics|Beamline Optics]] 
 * [[Web_Whiteboard|Web Whiteboard]] - list of issues to read before calling experts while running 

 h2. MICE Shifters 
 * [[UnofficialShifterGuide|The Unofficial Guide to being a Shifter]] 

 h2. MICE Operations Managers (MOMs) 
 * [[MOMHandover|Information needed for the next MOM]] 

 h2. redmine 

 [[UpdatingDocuments|Updating Documentation]] 

 h2. Steps of MICE 

 The definitions of the steps of MICE can be seen in the "schedule": 

 h3. Step 1 
 * [[Step1PostPartum|Post-partum information]] 

 h3. Step 4