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h1. Operations Wiki 


 h2. Critical Information 

 * [[Web_Whiteboard|Web Whiteboard]] - list of changes to configurations and hardware/software issues to actively track 
 * "elog": - latest activity 
 * "Operations calendar": 
 * "CDB Viewer": 
 * "MICE Hall Webcams": 

 h2. Mice Hall Plan 

 h2. [[Hall Task List Dec16 to Feb17|Hall Dec16/Feb17|Hall Task List Dec16 to Feb17]] Dec16/Feb17]] 

 h2. ISIS run schedule 


 h2. MICE Duty Co-ordinator Roster 

 |_. Date From |_. Date To |_. DC    | 
 | 5th September 2016 | 6th September 2016 | V. Blackmore | 
 | 7th September 2016 | 8th September 2016 | C. Macwaters | 
 | 9th September 2016 | ... | V. Blackmore | 

 DC Phone Contact Number (from UK) : 07922 088204  
                         (from abroad) : +44 7922 088204 

 h2. Safety and Conduct of Visitors at RAL 

 All MICE visitors sign up to abide by the RCUK employee codes of conduct, which can be found here: 

 The STFC Guide to Managing people is here: 

 Of note are pages 30-31 which describe the misconduct-related discipline procedure which *will 
 be invoked for any abuses of the codes of conduct by visitors while on STFC premises*. This statement 
 has been endorsed by STFC HR. For the purposes of this information, Andy Nichols (GLIMOS) is the Line Manager 
 and Professor Dave Wark (Director of PPD) is the Senior Line Manager. 
 h2. [[CHEESE|CHEESE - The MICE Shift Scheduler]] 

 h2. [[Running|Run Information]] 

 h2. [[MICE Shifter Guides|MICE Shifter Guides]] 

 h2. [[MICE Operations Training| MICE Training]] 

 h2. [[MICE Operations Managers (MOMs)|MICE Operations Managers]] 

 h2. [[MICE Muon Beamline Experts (BLOCs)|MICE Muon Beamline On-Call (BLOCs)]] 

 h2. [[Operations Meetings|Operations Meetings]] 

 h2. [[MICE Subsystem Documentation|MICE Subsystem Documentation]] 

 h2. "ISIS User Database": 

 h2. Safety Information 

 * [[Firealarm|Fire alarms in MICE hall]] 
 * [[OtherSafetyAlarms|Oxygen Deficiency Hazard Alarm]] 
 ** Personal Alarm "User Manual": 
 * [[OtherSafetyAlarms|Neutron Monitor]] 
 * [[OtherSafetyAlarms|Hydrogen Alarm]] 
 * [[OtherSafetyAlarms|Power Cut to the Hall]] 
 * "Documentation [RA/MS]": 
 * Periodic Safety Checks 
 * "STFC Safety Portal": 
 ** [[SafetyIncidentReports|Notes on submitting an Incident Report]] 
 * "Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007": 

 h2. Redmine 

 *    [[UpdatingDocuments|Updating Documentation]] 

 h2. Steps of MICE 

 The definitions of the steps of MICE can be seen in the "schedule": 

 h3. Step 1 

 * [[Step1PostPartum|Post-partum information]] 

 h3. Step 4 

 * Step IV Data taking planning document : attachment:DataPlan.pdf 

 * [[Step4RunningRequirements|Step 4 Running Requirements]] 
 * [[Step4Readiness|draft Step 4 Readiness]] 
 * [[_summary_step4_readiness_|Step 4 Readiness (summer 2016)]]