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Rogers, Chris, 25 July 2013 10:43

Web Whiteboard for MICE Hall operations

Here are a list of issues associated with operating the experiment. This should be viewed by the shifter and MOM before calling experts. This is complementary to the whiteboard in the control room.

Access / Construction Work

The Hall is clear.
The DSA is shut.

There is currently a big hole in the floor of the North Mezzanine. This has been patched with some plywood awaiting permanent fix.

Crane use in Hall is limited. Contact Hall Manager (Andy Nichols) if you have questions or are in need of the cranes.

Interlocks and Controls

The target gate valve is open.

Magnet-On Lamps (beamline magnets) - power supply serviced - system incomplete do not run magnets until tests complete

DS quench system - work imminent

Services (electricity / water / air / air-conditioning / network)

No service interuptions scheduled.
DS running - no work on instrument air system allowed!

Alarms on A/C units:
  • Unit 1: Low pressure circuit 1 (24 Jul 13)
  • Unit 4: Filter Change Alarm;
  • All Units: LAN disconnected alarm

Alarm on water chiller outside MLCR


Decay Solenoid

  • External He cylinder pack is connected to buffer-tank fill line, with regulator set to 2.5 BarG, and fill-line valves open.
  • DS oil webcam not displaying correctly - Victoria Bayliss to fix
  • DS pump 1 broken - experts notified


Remedial work needed prior to SC magnets - see #1269

Planned hall activities

Chris Rogers 22-23 July Hall closed for Shifter training
Victoria Blackmore 16:00 2nd - 5th August Hall closed for data taking
Jason Tarrant 22-25 August Hall access required for return yoke discussion
ISIS user run dates 17th September ISIS user run is now a week earlier at 17th September - see below

PROVISIONAL as of 24 July ISIS user run is expected to start a week earlier on 17th September. Machine physics will also start a week earlier. Minor maintenance day will be the same. Following cycle (February) will also be a week earlier.

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