Web Whiteboard for MICE Hall operations

List of "off normal" issues associated with the MICE Hall or the operation of MICE equipment. The list should be viewed by the MOM and/or the person on shift before an expert is called. This is complementary to the whiteboard in the control room.

Access / Construction Work

  • The hall is in mixed free and controlled access
  • There is a potential oxygen deprivation hazard in the hall due to the presence of liquid Helium in the superconducting magnets
    • Workers on the mezzanine should wear ODH monitors (available in the control room).
  • Operations calendar

Services (electricity / water / air / air-conditioning / network)

  • ISIS water off.
  • MICE chiller circuits off pending pump upgrade.
    if MICE water temperature reaches 25 °C ramp down all conventional magnets immediately.


  • Beam ON
  • DS:
    • The Linde compressor is off and the DS is cold.
  • Conventional Magnets
    • Do not run the quads at more than: 300 A for Q4, Q6, Q7; 360 A for Q5 and Q8, and 320 A for Q9 ( eLog 3768 )
    • Q6 has a minor leak - this must be monitored via the webcam
  • Super-Conducting Magnets
    • SSU and SSD are now cold.
    • Neither will be energised until the work on the power and QPS systems have been completed
    • FC has LiH absorber, is in the channel but will remain unenergised.
    • PRY open and will remain so until end of the current user cycle - Pay attention on search
  • Infrastructure:
    • Webcams menu available from AppLauncher, as Firefox's bookmark and on /home/epics/epicsPRO/Config/AppLauncher/CamMenu.html
    • Network reconfiguration has been finished and tested.
  • Beamline:
    • BLOC is contactable via BLOC phone or directly via mobile number posted in MLCR
    • In extremis Henry is contactable via BLOC2 phone (number previously assigned to TROC)
  • Data

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