Version 1


G4beamline version 2.12 was used for these simulations.


The G4beamline deck used to create this library was the official MICE deck which can be found in the MAUS release ($MAUS_ROOT_DIR/src/map/MapPyBeamlineSimulation/G4bl) as of version 0.8.3. It models the MICE beam line from the target to the Geneva 1 counter. The survey information used to create this deck came from the MICE beam line paper table 3 and MICE Note 216. The basic model was put together by Tom Roberts and Marco Apollonio.

Magnet Currents

In G4beamline the field gradients of the magnets are input parameters to the simulation. The magnet currents were taken from Marco's magic spreadsheet and the current-to-field conversions were done using the expressions in appendix A pg 114 of Mark Rayner's Thesis.

Running with Beam Library

For details on how to run simulations with the beam library consult the MAUS user guide in your MAUS installation.

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