Draft thoughts on Shifter Training

July 2013

CR/HN Comments from July 2013 training:
  • Consider additional PPE training (how to check hat / adjust ear defenders etc.)
  • Need syllabus:
    • Docs: for web start from IIT page; 2 folders in MLCR; check RA/MS (in pocket with ATW), how to use lever arch files (seriously)
    • [[computing-software:ShifterTraining|Computing Shifter Training]]: DAQ KVM; Online KVM; Virtual Desktops; Remote Client Launcher; OPI PC auto-cleaning; using eLog (inc. reply and search features); using micewww (inc. getting account); Run Summary Spreadsheet :(
    • (Looking at it, the above seem to be prerequisites for the rest. Suspect that in future sessions it would be best to have those with the Hall tour and MOM talk as a "theoretical" session on the Monday p.m. and then the hands-on on the next day or two.)
    • [[computing-software:DAQ and online reconstruction training]]

Generally, should have a talky bit covering all aspects and then give everyone a go.
Try to get a reference run at the end.
Note the in-ear buds don't really work as ear defenders for training - can't take them out and put them down while being talked through a task in the Hall.

Beamline training syllabus:

The group should be talked through it, then each person should carry out each procedure.


Henry's first thoughts:

Following is a list of tasks (Step 1 beamline) for which specific training and qualification might be needed. N.B. These are by qualification level, rather than MLCR role.

"Junior Shifter" must
  • have all 3 safety inductions current
  • know Hall layout; hazards; locations of emergency phones, exits, etc.
  • know their way round MLCR computer desktops (use of KVMs, DAQ vs CAM, etc.)
  • act as searcher in Hall search
  • be able to enter Hall under Controlled Access
  • be able to operate gate during Controlled Access
  • be able to remotely operate conventional magnets and vary DS current
  • be able to use the eLog (find info and make new entries) and how to use MICEmine, including having their own account
  • operate the HV supply controls
  • open/close beamstop remotely
  • understand+use selected CAM displays (environment, webcams, alarm handler, run control, what else?)
  • understand+use selected DAQ displays (start/stop DAQ run; watch Online displays; [ISIS BLM monitor]; what else?)
  • run moveFiles script
  • [be able to carry out all other tasks that do not require higher-level qualification]
    Not sure if these shouldn't be restricted to "senior" (below):
  • start/stop target actuation
"Senior Shifter" must know all of above, and also
  • be able to carry out a Hall search
  • co-ordinate a Controlled Access? or is that BLOC+ level?
  • start/stop Online Monitoring / Reconstruction; start/stop DAQ
  • change target dip depth? or is that BLOC+ level?
    Not sure if these shouldn't be restricted to "BLOC/MOM" (below):
  • be able to do the magnet checklist[**]
  • know how to turn on conventional magnets (MPS in Hall)[**]
BLOC: as Senior Shifter and also
  • Decay solenoid MPS switch on/off
  • Target system startup/shutdown
  • Target frame raising?
  • Mechanical beamstop
  • Hall air/water/aircon triage
  • PPS details (e.g. DSA PPS stuff) ?
MOM: as Senior Shifter and also
  • authorise (= assess need & safety, and grant permission) Hall search
  • authorise Controlled Access
  • authorise running
  • decide/negotiate on beam loss
  • [physics decisions - what settings to run with]
  • change DAQ settings (trigger, spill gate)?
  • If we go with leaving Hall locked overnight, then ** will be done so rarely that training may be wasted effort for shifters, hence my pushing it "up" a level (i.e. possibility that shifters may do a shift without any Hall access needed)
  • is there a case for an "infant shifter" - i.e. someone not actually qualified to go into the Hall at all?
  • does someone need to know enough about the LH2 system to know when to chase the experts?
  • who can control the SC magnets, etc?
  • eventually, similar RF questions

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