Training Shifters

This page is designed to provide information for MOMs regarding the MICE shifter training process. Information for shifters is provided on the Operations Wiki under "MICE Shifters".

Training Process

Shifter trainee complete all required safety classes

  • RAL site safety induction - Mondays at 09:30
    • arranged by Rose Hayes or Debbie Loader
    • training expires after 5 years
  • ISIS Introductory safety course
    • arranged by Rose Hayes
    • 30 minutes online course & online test - usually at ISIS Users' Office
    • training expires after 2 years
  • MICE Hall CDM training
    • covers operations in and around MICE Hall
    • given by Hall manager (John Govans) or Project Manager (Andy Nichols)

Shifter trainee acquires all safety equipment

  • non-magnetic safety boots (meeting EN345)
  • radiation film badge - from Health Physics office by ISIS Control Room
  • hi-vis vest during access into Hall (located by Hall entrance)
  • hard hat during access into Hall (located by Hall entrance)

MOM gives introduction to Shifter Training presentation to trainee

  • slides are located on MOM laptop
  • provides information on:
    • safety requirements
    • shifter roles and responsibilities
    • MICE Operations personnel
    • rules when taking shifts

Trainee begins practical portion of training which covers training for shifter responsibilities on:

  • PPS
  • Target
  • Decay Solenoid
  • Beam line magnets
  • Beam stop
  • C&M
  • DAQ
  • Online Monitoring
  • Online Reconstruction
  • Datamover
  • Documentation
  • Computing info

Each trainee fills out a "Shifter Training Practical lessons" form as training proceeds - form found on MOM laptop

  • requires signature of qualified trainer and date training completed to trainers satisfaction
  • MOM keeps track of these forms in the relevant binder

People qualified to train new shifters:

  • PPS - Macwaters, Coney, Blackmore, Nebrensky
  • Target - Smith, Overton, any BLOC
  • Decay Solenoid & beam line - any BLOC
  • Beam stop - any BLOC, Lead Shifter
  • C&M - Hanlet, Coney, Taylor, probably Lead Shifter
  • DAQ - Karadzhov, Adey, Lead Shifter, Coney
  • Online Monitoring - Karadzhov, Coney, Gardener - work in progress as of Dec 2012
  • Online Reconstruction - Rogers, Coney, Rajaram
  • Datamover - trained shifter, Nebrensky
  • Documentation - trained shifter, Coney
  • Computing info - trained shifter, Coney

After shifter trainee completes practical training, MOM gives shifter practical test - slide(s) with questions on MOM laptop

  • This test is meant to be a discussion between the MOM (or suitably trained individual) and the shifter trainee. It is an interactive process whereby the MOM asks the shifter questions - they answer at least in part by doing what they would do in the given situation. Or, in the event that doing so would interfere with active running, the shifter trainee explains in some detail what they would do in that situation. Rather than a pass/fail test, this is meant really to complete the training and make the shifter aware of situations that they will encounter and to make sure that they know how to address them.

MICE Collaborator Shifter Training Status

Note: Lead Shifters may also act as the secondary shifter.
New personnel are welcome but must go through the training procedure before taking shifts. A minimum of 3 shifts is required in order for a shifter to become qualified as a Lead Shifter.

Name Institution Safety Training Completed Date Safety Training Was Renewed Qualified Lead Shifter Qualified Shifter Date Training Completed Other
Paul Kyberd Brunel Yes ?? No Yes May 2012
Henry Nebrensky Brunel Yes May 2012 Yes Yes May 2012 BLOC, MOM qualified
Adam Dobbs Imperial Yes March 2014 Yes Yes May 2012 BLOC, MOM qualified
Edward Santos Imperial Yes ?? No No
Ray Gamet Liverpool Yes ?? Yes Yes May 2012 MOM qualified
Ed Overton Sheffield Yes ?? No No BLOC qualified
Paul Smith Sheffield Yes ?? No Yes July 2013 BLOC, MOM qualified
Celeste Pidcott Warwick Yes ? No Yes Oct 2012
Chris Rogers RAL Yes ? No Yes July 2013
Chris Hunt Imperial Yes ? No Yes July 2013
Rhys Gardener Brunel Yes ? No Yes July 2013
John Nugent Glasgow Yes ? No Yes July 2013
Sophie Middleton Imperial Yes ? No Yes July 2013
Alexander Dick Strathclyde Yes ? No Yes July 2013
Melissa Uchida Imperial Yes ? No No Needs target training
Steve Boyd Warwick Yes ? No No Needs target training
Chris Booth Sheffield Yes ? No Yes July 2013 Needs target training
Stefania Ricciardi RAL Yes ? No No Needs target training
Paul Soler Glasgow Yes ? No No MOM qualified
Maria Leonova Fermilab Yes May 2012 Yes Yes May 2012
Pierrick Hanlet IIT, Chicago Yes ?? Yes Yes May 2012 MOM qualified
Yagmur Torun IIT, Chicago Yes ?? No No BLOC, MOM qualified
Chris Heidt UC Riverside Yes ?? Yes Yes May 2012 Based at RAL
David Adey Fermilab Yes ?? No Yes Dec 2012 MOM qualified

See also Henry's draft comments on Shifter Training

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