Information and Instructions for shifters

At the start of each day of data taking, the following should be run to take calibration data for the detector:

ssh miceacq16
cd tracker/scripts

Checks to perform on the tracker systems to ensure that they are ready to run, or to diagnose a problem

How to reset tracker delay box and timing configuration

  • Whenever any of the tracker delay devices (in the rack room) are restarted, the delay timings need to be loaded again from a configuration file
  • To do this, log into miceacq16 as the daq user -- you can connect from any of the micethin or miceonrec computers
    [epics@micethin04 ~]$ ssh daq@miceacq16
    Last login: Fri Oct 13 17:28:53 2017 from
    [daq@miceacq16 ~]$ cd tracker/gate_generator_config/
    [daq@miceacq16 gate_generator_config]$ ./ BeamTiming_TOF1.cfg
  • this will load the "current" delays from the latest timing configuration file (BeamTime_TOF1.cfg is a soft link to the latest configuration)

Information and Instructions for experts

Full Manual

Other supporting documentation

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