Survey Procedure

There follows a description of the procedure for requesting and receiving a survey. The contacts for surveys are

  • Chris Rogers (computing/physics)
  • Jason Tarrant (integration engineer)
  • ISIS survey team is the MICE surveyor
  • Mice Operations Manager (MOM) is a rolling post in charge of ensuring equipment is surveyed when it is installed or moved in the hall

The procedure for arranging a survey is:

  • MOM or system expert request for a survey, please email MOM, Jason Tarrant and Chris Rogers 2 months in advance with
    • List of survey points that need surveying in the form TOF1A TOF1B, etc
    • Latest date by which the survey needs to be made
  • Jason relays the request to the MICE surveyor and adds it to the survey list
  • Surveyor makes the survey

The procedure for receiving a survey is:

  • Surveyor emails the MOM a copy of the raw survey data (xit format)
  • Surveyor writes a MICE Note
    • Listing the date at which the survey was taken, the name of the surveyor, the aim of the survey and the person who requested it
    • Listing the survey points that were surveyed and their positions
    • Detailing any special circumstances e.g. new coordinate systems defined, new positions measured that are not fixed survey points etc
    • Surveyor uploads as a MICE note at
  • Surveyor notifies survey contacts listed above that a new survey is available
  • MOM checks that the survey MICE note and raw data was received
  • MOM sends the raw data to Chris Rogers
  • Chris Rogers puts it on Configuration Filestore, which is backed up to CASTOR
  • Integration engineer integrates this into CAD model

The procedure for bringing hardware into the hall (from survey standpoint) is:

  • MICE system owners are responsible for placing survey probes onto hardware
  • Survey probes should be labelled with label of the format EquipmentNameA, EquipmentNameB, etc
  • Hardware owners are responsible for knowing how the survey probes relate to hardware
For reference, note that the surveyor's co-ordinate system for the MICE Hall and Cooling Channel is as follows:
  • X is along beamline with beam travelling in positive direction
  • Y is across beamline; positive points south (towards MLCR)
  • Z is vertical with up in positive direction

(This is different to that used by MICE and its software)

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