Shifter suggestions to help streamline shifts


  • DAQ on call person defined

Good point

  • Remove run conditions spreadsheet

Working on it

  • Automate data mover

It sort of is. The problem is that run control must still be restarted between runs. We do need automatic verification that data has been transferred though

Paolo: I've implemented on Nagios the probes that Janusz has provided. NAGIOS > services > datamover2 > DM:.... They check the all the steps apart from the reconstruction.

  • Direct keyboard/mouse access to machine displaying to the top big screen (the one which usually runs the alarm handler), currently have to use a remote desktop connection

I'll see what Paolo has to say

Paolo: the screen is connected to miceecserv1, available via the KVM system. The last time I was on shift I saw also a remote desktop connection opened on the thin client under the screen.

  • Have a separate development version and a definitely stable production version of run control

Yes. This is important.

  • Wiki documentation often has several versions of same document, make sure the current one is top of the list in bold or somesuch


  • Detector HV documentation to wiki

It is. In each detectors documentation. However, I take your point. We should have a standalone page.

  • Perhaps an online "FAQ" doc somewhere e.g. "I can't clear the hall auxiliary door PPS BOB, what do I do?"

There is the Shifter page : "What to do when something happens". I'm open to people expanding this, but it requires some
application by shifters to write down questions and answers

  • Account for set up and shut down times when defining shift duration

This is a problem with the nightly running. It won't be a problem for 24 hour production

  • Update CHEESE to accurately reflect people's current training, and ensure it is complete before they are allowed to do their shift

I'm trying....we do check everyone now and I encourage everyone to check their training status and tell me if it is out of date.

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