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Step 4 Running Requirements


Task Owner Notes
Pool of MOMs Boyd
Pool of BLOCs Nebrensky ~5 trained at present
Pool of SOCs Rajaram
Pool of shifters Kyberd? 24 at current count, 6 qualified as lead shifters, see Training_Shifters
Shift allocation scheme and recording system Blondel
Detector experts Soler


Overall responsibility for beamline rests with Pasternak / Nebrensky.

Task Owner Notes
Target Hodgson
Decay Solenoid
Proton Absorbers
Conventional Magnets Hughes
Beam Stop Govans

Cooling Channel

Task Owner Notes
Spectrometer Solenoids
Hydrogen delivery system Watson
FC1 Cobb
LH2 Absorber
LiH Absorber
Quench Protection and Monitoring


Task Owner Notes
CKOVs Cremaldi
TOFs Bonesini
Tracker Adey / Dobbs / Uchida Detailed plan in place, needs integrating with main MICE schedule, see
KL Bogolimov
EMR Blondel

Hall and Infrastructure

  • Hall Services
    • Neutron Monitor
    • Oxygen depletion alarm
    • PPS
    • Clean (what standard?)
    • Surveys
  • PRY
  • Cooler Compressors
  • Vacuum System
  • Power Systems


  • DATE
  • Run Control Interface
  • Digitisation boards (-> FPGA system)

Online Computing

  • Online Monitoring
  • Online Reconstruction
  • Data storage and movement
    • UPS
    • RAID systems
    • Data mover
  • Controls and Monitoring
    • Run Control
    • Alarm handler
    • Environment readout
    • Webcams
    • DS
    • Target
    • Proton absorber

Offline Computing

  • Full reconstruction chain with all detectors
  • Global fits
  • Data quality checks
  • Automated grid batch processing

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