Shifter Reminders

General reminders

  • One reference run per shift
  • Logs: paper and eLog.
    • At least one comment for every run
    • The paper logbook must include all the history
  • Each run should not be longer than 2 hours
  • Tracker calibration to be run once per day when target is not dipping
  • Comment section of Run Control is still sensitive to wrong characters or too long comments
  • Wait a sensible amount of time between clicks in the Run Control
  • Check if data has hit the CDB after starting every run and once it's completed
  • All alarms must be referred to MOM/BLOC
  • OnMon GUI must be reconnected every run

Specific instructions

  • Chilled water header tank (outside displays):
    • Roof water (bottom of three red number displays) < 23C
    • Pressure (middle red display): 5 < P < 7
  • Quadrupoles (GUI) < 40C in total
  • DS: keep an eye on the GUI if any value turns red
  • Trench water (GUI) < 25C
  • SC magnets
    • Check the SS strip charts every 15 mins (should all be flat)
    • Check SSU, SSD and FC once per hour following the instructions
    • Note in the the big green folder

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